The kennel of miniature dachshunds RKF-FCI "Rus Kerol"

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The professional private kennel "Rus Kerol" specializes on breeding of miniature dachshunds various as a wool on a basis bloods conducting kennels of the world "vom Pfauenhof" (Germany), "della Canterana" (Italy), "vom Rainerschlossl" (Austria), "Kartus" (Slovakia), "Catonium" (Poland), "Arlet" (Poland),"z Tesinovskych buku" (Czech Republic).

Dogs of kennel have the fine conformation, wonderful character, excellent mentality and working qualities. All our dachshunds have the international working certificates on the fox without contact, and diplomas on a blood trace.



Dachshund Rus Kerol = the excellent conformation + working qualities


We are glad to cooperating with all

 fans and experts on breed.

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Kennel's owner is Gordina Olga
Contact phone: +7(496)483-87-97
mobile phone +7-903-746-49-14

 ICQ: 432-385-804


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